Saturday, April 19, 2008

"Happiness for Two" Alexandra Stoddard

Well, Jay and I have been together for just over six years now, and with us getting married in less than four months I figured that I woul read something that claimed to contribute to our happiness. The best of relationships could use a tune up, and although right now we're pretty darn happy together, I figured that some additional advice couldn't hurt! So, I picked up Alexandra Stoddard's new book, "Happiness for Two: 75 Secrets for Finding More Joy Together".

Stoddard's book has 75 short sections of advice for couples. It was a pretty good book, but it contained nothing revolutionary. I've heard all of the advice before (in women's magazines, in other books, etc.) although some of it deserved repeating. Some of the chapters I enjoyed were: "Go on Vacations Alone, Together", "Celebrate More", "Don't Discuss Your Intimacy and Secrets With Others", "Encourage Adventures", "Run Errands Together" (for some reason, Jay and I talk the most when we're in the car), "White Lies are always dangerous", Please don't say anything you'll regret", and "Grumpiness is Contagious". On the flip side, though, there were some chapters that definitly would have no place in our relationship. For example, "Set Aside Times to Sit and Read Together" suggests that couples take time to sit together and read great literary works in order to expand their minds as a couple. I love the idea, and it may work for some people, but Jay does not like to read. Sometimes we'll read the newspaper together, but great works of literature? I think not! Jay and I actually enjoy sitting together on the couch during quiet nights at home. He'll play his XBox 360, and I'll read. We may not be expanding our minds together, but it's what works for us.

All in all this was a cute little book. Everyone needs a refresher course here and there on how to make their relationship happy, and I hope that I will remember some of the advice the next time I have the urge to make a bitchy retort to something. Because there's nothing wrong with being happy!!!

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