Tuesday, February 26, 2008

"At A Loss For Words" by Diane Schoemperlen

"At A Loss For Words" is a quick, easy read. It essentially follows the path of a rapidly deteriorating relationship between a writer suffering from writer's block and a workaholic. What I liked about how the book is written is that it essentially reads like a blog. We have access to the author's thoughts and e-mails just as if we're close friends to her. I found myself cringing when the narrator becomes clingy in her relationship- it is at that point that we know the relationship is all downhill from that point. I also liked that this book is about an unhappy relationship- so many of the books that I read end up having some kind of happy ending but the happy ending in this book is that the relationship that is fated from the beginning to fail, finally does.

All in all it was a short, sweet read. It's not overly bitter, it's not sappy. The details in general are vague, especially about the lover, but I found that this allows the reader to get close to the situation, not to the characters themselves.

I'll give this one four stars out of five.

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